Going to no longer stay anonymous – one of the purposes of the blog was to get in touch with interesting people, and that’s easier when people know who you are!  During the ivorian crisis there was a good case for anonymity, and it can be useful when going in to details of one’s business, but eh, upsides of non-anonymity are larger!

So, Im Martin Sjögren, Swedish-Italian, worked in finance in Dublin, London and Zurich over the last decade, and currently going back and forth between Dublin and Abidjan. Always up for a beer with interesting people in either place to talk about anything related to the blog!

martin selfie pilatus



2 thoughts on “De-Anonymising

  1. Alfredo

    Thanks you very much Martin for your blog.
    It is really interesting to read your studies and your own experience with business in Cote d’ivoire. They are usefull for people like me, that always tried to start something small to make some money and also to help to develop and give work to some friends there. All this is the same in other countries of the area, as Ghana, and even Senegal o Guinee.
    I am following you since you started.
    Good luck

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