Taxis are out

Things taking longer than expected

I was going to write about my growing concern for the two Toyota Corollas stuck in Abidjan Port, but the very long process finally came to an end today, and both cars are out.  They arrived on the 6th and 11th March so it took one and a half months to get them out.   No bribes were involved and the price was the same as last time.  The problem is just an inefficient process partly involving a private company given a monopoly that couldn’t handle a surge in incoming cars due to – I guess  – other people thinking like me trying to import cars before a possible import ban.

As usual things take longer than expected, but increasingly, my experience is that they also work out at the end.

Now the cars just need to be registered, fitted and painted for taxi service and pass the vehicle inspection, and then they can hit the road.   Last time these things took a bit over a month, but were never a problem.  The big thing is getting the cars out of the port.

Approaching break-even

So given that I bought the cars in January, it will be almost half a year from buying them to them starting making money.  That’s an annoyingly long time, but if they perform as well as the first car it’s clearly worth it.  The first car is now at 58% of break even, and has had about as much problems and issues as I had expected – latest was that the battery needed changing – but the issues are cheap and quick to fix, and the car has had only four days not running since it started in September last year. In my budget I had estimated three down days per month.

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