Flights to Abidjan May 2012

Europe to Abidjan

I’ve been looking at flights from Europe to Abidjan.  Basically if you want a single ticket to Abidjan – and not do  more adventurous stuff like flying to Accra and taking the bus from there – you’ll have to pass by one of these cities:

Addis Abeba

There are direct flights between Beirut and Abidjan as well, but the route appears to cater for the Lebanese community and it doesn’t seem to be possible to buy a Western Europe – Beirut – Abidjan ticket.

Here are the cheapest economy prices I found from some European cities with an outbound flight in May and return in June:

From Paris:

615 €  with TunisAir (stop in Tunis)

720 €  with Royal Air Maroc (stop in Casablanca)

810 € with Brussels Airlines (stop in Brussels)

870 € with Air France (direct)

From London:

720 € with Air France (stop in Paris, with return only 17 June and a whole day’s wait in Paris on the return leg)

840 € with Air France (stop in Paris)

880 € with Brussels Airlines (stop in Brussels and on the return leg a “technical stop” in Lome)

From Brussels:

700 € with Tunis Air (stop in  Tunis)

730 € with Ethiopian (stops in Addis Abeba, Milan technical stop in Ouagadougou)

770 € Royal Air Maroc (stop in Casablanca)

920 € Brussels Airlines (direct)

From Milan:

560 € with Tunis Air (stop in Tunis)

680 € with Royal Air Maroc (stop in Casablanca)

820 € with Brussels Airlines (stop in Brussels)

From Frankfurt:

710 € with Tunis Air (stop in Tunis)

860 € with Royal Air Maroc (stop in Casablanca)

870 € with Brussels Airlines (stop in Brussels)

From Stockholm:

1070 € with Ethiopian (stop in Addis Abeba, and technical stops in Ouagadougou/Cotonou)

1300 € with Brussels Airlines (from Bromma, stop in Brussels)

From Dublin:

960 € with Ethiopian (stops in London, Addis Abeba plus technical stops)

960 € with Emirates (stop in Dubai, technical stop in Accra, and London on the return leg)

Unchanged prices

A year ago I did the same check and despite more options being available now (like Tunis Air and Air France), it seems prices haven’t moved. My guess is that demand has gone up even more than the supply. According to an article in French newspaper La Tribune Air France has some of the highest cabin factors on the Paris – Abidjan route  and  is considering using A380 aircrafts.

Coming up, Turkish Airlines may start to fly to Abidjan and Air Ivoire should get their act together and propose more destinations.

At the moment though, flying to neighbouring Accra is still cheaper and easier than Abidjan with no need to fly to odd places like Dubai or Addis Abeba or having 14 hour stops to find the best prices.

3 thoughts on “Flights to Abidjan May 2012

  1. A lot more can be done, but a lot of work needs doing at ABJ to see further routes added. It’s a shame that at the moment due to insurance costs amongst other factors the new LCC’s in Ghana won’t be able to offer affordable flights.

    Secondly, you mention flights to Europe, but try getting to N’djemena or Kinshasa from ABJ or many W.African airports without going via Europe. More needs to be done on focussing the hub & spoke operation in the sub-region (& continentally). The Yamoussoukro Decision that was implemented over 20years ago needs re-drafting as up until now but not much has been achieved. It’s time for the region to work together on an economical basis rather than political.

    As for the new Air Cote d’Ivoire – well that’s another story!

    Great post, thanks! (& thanks to JJ for pointing it out to me!)

  2. Hi Chloe,
    Glad you liked the post! Ten years ago I was involved in a study commissioned by the World Bank on cross border telecom connectivity in West Africa. I recall one consultant having to explain to the World Bank that it was not possible to visit the West African countries one after another as the Bank wanted because of lack of cross border flight connectivity.

    But it actually has become a lot better since then. And regarding Kinshasa, I see a flight from ABJ to Brazzaville via Cotonou tomorrow at 11:20. And from Brazzaville I guess one just needs to take a boat over the Congo River.

  3. Martin, sorry just threw in two examples; although I’ve heard Brazza to Kinshasa isn’t the easiest crossing! But seriously, in general if you look across the continent, particularly the Francophone regions, it often entails a flight to Europe & back again! I’m also concerned about some of the airlines being able to survive long term as well as the anti-competition sanctions by EASA in Europe against African airlines entering EU airspace, take LAM as an example! So much needs to be done for future local economic prosperity in the industry!

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