Ivory Coast online – New Sweep

Popular sites

Time for a new sweep on what’s happening online in the Ivory Coast. Here are the most viewed sites by internet users in the Ivory Coast according to Alexa:

1. Facebook.com (+2) [Global rank: 2]

2. Google.ci (-) [Global rank: 4,010]

3. Yahoo.com (-2) [Global rank: 4]

4. Abidjan.net (+2) [Global rank: 6,556]

5. Youtube.com (+3) [Global rank: 3]

6. Google.com (+3) [Global rank: 1]

7. Google.fr (+2) [Global rank: 25]

8. Live.com (-4) [Global rank: 8]

9. Msn.com (-2) [Global rank: 12]

10. Wikipedia.org (new) [Global rank: 6]

Numbers in parenthesis are changes compared to my last Ivory Coast online check in March 2010. No dramatic changes in other words, with Abidjan.net keeping its position as the by far most viewed Ivory Coast-specific site. It makes sense, it’s a great site, and I check it out daily to get my Ivory Coast fix.

Here’s Abidjan.net traffic rank over the last two years clearly showing an increased interest during the Ivorian crisis:

Beyond the top 10

Beyond the top 10 I find the following interesting/locally produced sites:

12. afrik11.com [Global rank: 35,395] – A site about African football seemingly based in the Ivory Coast as 90% of its traffic comes from the Ivory Coast.

14. Atoo.ci [Global rank: 46,419]  – A portal for all things Ivory Coast just like Abidjan.net just not as popular

15. educarriere.ci [Global rank: 51,883] – A relatively new Ivorian site for jobs and education, that also has an active dating section (which might be the secret behind its prominent ranking)

20. Gbich.com [Global rank: 51,883] – The site of the Ivorian humoristic newspaper Gbich!

24. GoMagazine.ci [Global rank: 88,463] – The site of Go Magazine, Ivory Coast’s response to Cosmopolitan

25. rfi.fr [Global rank: 5,205] – Radio France Internationale

26. cnseci.com [Global rank: 206,752] –  Support site for the Ivorian national football team

27. twitter.com [Global rank: 9]

29. JeuneAfrique.com [Global rank: 16,700]

38. Deco.ci [Global rank: 164,185] – The Ivorian Ministry of Education’s site for exams

47. leBanco.net [Global rank: 169,215] – Ivorian news and politics site

49. youporn.com [Global rank: 86] – Would have thought porn sites would have higher ranking internationally than in the Ivory Coast, not because of ivorians being more puritan than elsewhere but because of the use of internet cafes – but apparently not.

51. gouv.ci – The official portal of the Ivorian government

60. ivoire-blog.com – Blogsite, Ivory Coast’s blogspot

61. Ivoirbusiness.com – Yet another Ivorian news/politics site, this time with a pro-Gbagbo bias

62. Ivoirmixdj.com – A site for DJ:s and music lovers

76 Abidjanshow.com – Promoting concerts and show business events in Abidjan

87. Onuci.org – United Nations Operations in the ivory Coast

96. ChelseaFC.com – Chelsea Football Club

109. thepiratebay.org – The Pirate Bay, and the first Swedish-built site on this list

145. FratMat.info – The highest ranked mainstream Ivorian newspaper

What are Ivorians interested in?

Something has clearly happened since I last checked Alexa rankings. Tech sites are less prominent, sites created in the Ivory Coast (or rather Abidjan) for the Ivory Coast are more prominent, and one can actually start using Alexa rankings to get an idea of what Ivorians are interested in.  And that would be social networking, news, celebrity gossip, football, dating, music, porn, exam results, more football, humour, education and jobs. Pretty much like in the rest of the world.

I checked Swedish Alexa rakings and we got the same thing, but with a little less football and more e-commerce sites and online banking (and more porn). And with tabloid Aftonbladet.se replacing Abidjan.net as the only local site among the top 10, which is quite a trade-down.

As for e-commerce, the whole buying stuff online and getting it shipped model is practically non-existent in the Ivory Coast (for multiple mainly non-tech related reasons).  Online ads for all sorts of stuff exist though, and it’s handled by the portal sites, so it’s a bit like the 1999 vision of the internet coming true.  Abidjan.net is among other things the craigslist of the Ivory Coast, but I doubt it will also be the ebay, amazon and match.com of the Ivory Coast, so there should be a business opportunity for these services sooner or later.


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