A photo for the grandchildren

This hi-rise building in the Plateau district is the most visible sign of the ivorian crisis I noticed in Abidjan.  The damage is from small arms fire in the beginning of April when the fighting reached very central Abidjan.

I’m thinking that it’s a photo to save for the grandchildren, that will hopefully look as surreal and remote to them as  World War II photos of Europe look to me.

Small arms fire - typically not great for real estate values

It’s probably unusual that countries that have buildings like this have wars, and if they do there will be heavier gear than merely small arms.

The closest I can think of is Sarajevo during the siege in the early 90s:

War damaged apartment block, Sarajevo
Parliament building, Sarajevo 1992

Or Beirut during the 1975-1990 civil war:

Holiday Inn, Beirut - widely known as one of the best sniper positions

Or Moscow during the 1991 coup attempt:

White House in Moscow, October 1991

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