Photos from PK 18

Tour of Abobo

I was looking at potential plots of land to buy with a surveyor, who it turned out was from the PK 18 area in Abobo. That’s one of the hotspots of the Ivorian crisis and where the “invisible commando” urban guerilla first rose up.  The surveyor had lived through it all, and took me on an informal guided tour of Abobo and PK 18.  Below are some of photos I took.

Pictures above and below are from the Gendarmerie headquarter in Abobo. The surveyor said that it also housed pro-Gbagbo militia and that most of the Gendarmes fled after multiple attacks by the invisible commando. The commando eventually captured the headquarter and burnt it down.

Asked if there were many people that had joined the invisible commando from his neighbourhood, the surveyor said “well, we had to defend ourselves”.

The surveyor pointed at this building in the PK18 area and said that pro-Ouattara demonstrations were being shot at from the top floor.  Demonstrators caught the sniper and burnt him alive.

The PK18 area. PK stands for Point Kilometrique – not quite sure exactly from where the 18 km are counted though.

Above is the road where Gbagbo’s tanks and armed vehichles used to come from Yopougon. The surveyor said that everybody had to get far away from the road on those occassions.  When UN forces approached on the other hand it was safe to be on the streets.

Driving around in Abobo, most of the times one sees no signs of the war, but here and there one can a burnt structure or bullet marks in walls:


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