What’s the damage?

Post-crisis check-up

Time for a post-crisis check up on the business.  The problem is that for the apartments in Yopougon the crisis isn’t over. They happen to be in a part of Yopougon where there is still fighting going on with remaining pro-Gbagbo militia and mercenaries.   It’s possible that they are more fighting for themselves than for Gbagbo at this stage though.

Anyhow, it means I have no idea what has happened to the apartments, or if the tenants and their families are even still alive.

Houston, we have looters

For the house and the annexed shops in Cocody at least I have the full picture.   The house went through it all unscathed, but the shop selling cooking gas had a bit of an incident. The shop closed mid-way through the crisis, but the managers left empty bottles of gas that they couldnt take with them.  These bottles were looted and in the process there was a fire that damaged the back wall of the shop.

So all in all it’s probably at least one lost month’s rent for the Yopougon apartments (I’m not going to ask them to pay for times of state of war), a wall to fix in Cocody, and a couple of months worth of lost rents from the shops that closed. Overall, not a disaster.

Most frustrating is all the lost time, and that I didn’t reach the goal for the end of 2010 set in the mission/vision post. Now though, should be a great time to make up for all that, and I have a new project coming up that I hope will increase the income stream within three months.

Les Gaous Refondateurs

To conclude, today’s best twitter quote is:

1vendeur de matériaux de construct• à Abj m’a dit q’ils ont fait fortune avec les Gaous Refondateurs. Vendu pacotille au prix fort! #civ2010

[One construction material salesman in Abidjan told me they made a fortune with the clueless pro-Gbagbo people. Sold cheap junk at high prices!]

Something tells me they don’t only do this to pro-Gbagbo people, so this is a good reminder of what one is up against when trying to build something in Abidjan.


3 thoughts on “What’s the damage?

  1. John

    I’m getting increasingly frustrating with the poor work done by plumbers, electricians and all sorts. Difficult not be a ‘gaou’ and there seems a strong culture of ‘if it works for the next few weeks, it’s repaired’.

  2. Indeed. If you find any good plumber/electrician let me know! There’s got to be some that are good, or at least that can be good given the right incentives.

  3. Ideas: Tell them that you will need more work done in the future and will re-hire them if the job is well done.

    Negotiate that a part of the payment will be made 2-3 months from now on condition that no problems have arisen.

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