Strong Buy

Back to normal blogging?

Looks like the Republican Forces (pro-Ouattara) started an all out offensive on Monday, and they seem to be advancing everywhere, except on the most expected route from Bouaké to Tiébissou to Yamoussoukro. A good map of the Ivory Coast can be found at

If this keeps going I might be going back to business and entrepreneurship blogging soon. Would be about time.

“Upside potential should Gbagbo be unable to repel pro-Ouattara forces”

On Bloomberg I read that the Ivorian government bonds are rallying on news of the pro-Ouattara advance, on expectation that the crisis will end, that Ouattara takes full power and starts making bond payments.

The bond price could be the quickest way to get an honest view of how things are going in the Ivory Coast. As I’m writing this, the USD-denominated Ivory Coast bond maturing in 2032 is trading at bid/offer 39.567 / 40.469 cents on the dollar.

One can really see the unfolding of the Ivorian crisis in the bond price:

Possibly a great buy, the only catch is that the minimum denomination is USD 100,000. Any volunteers to bet all their savings on a defaulted bond issued by a small african country at war?


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