What’s going on in the Ivory Coast?

Twitter says

It looks like Abidjan and other parts of the Ivory Coast are in a state of open conflict, but with difficult working conditions for journalists and media coverage focusing on Libya, it’s hard to get good information on what’s going on.

Here’s stuff I’ve read on twitter (#civ2010) but not seen in any other media:

  • Gbagbo has introduced false CFA Franc bills printed in Argentina.
  • A UN patrol has been attcked in Abobo with heavy losses for the UN.
  • Fighter jets have been seen flying over Abidjan.
  • Two communities are fighting in Aboboté: Ebrié against Dioula.
  • Standoff between UN/French forces and FDS in Sebroco. One UN soldier killed.
  • FDS Armoured vehicles controlling major intersections in Abobo
  • Water and electricity cut off in Abobo

If true, some of this should show up in regular media soon – especially reports about killed UN soldiers.  With twitter you do get the news first, but you also get a lot of stuff that turn out not to be true.

What’s going on?

Here’s stuff I’d like to know:

  • To what extent are Gbagbo’s forces targeting unarmed civilians?
  • What are the UN and French forces doing? Do they manage to overcome the blockade ordered by Ble Goude? Are they managing to protect civilians at all, and where?
  • In theory, in Abidjan, Gbagbo’s security forces, army and militia should be militarily superior to the “Commando Fognon”, the pro-Ouattara urban guerilla/militia.  How superior are they in practice?
  • Who controls Abobo and Anyama?
  • What’s the extent of the inter-ethnic clashes?  And are they really clashes, or more like murder of the Dioula population?
  • Are the banks still open and functioning in Bouake?
  • Who controls Zouan-Hounien – did Gbagbo forces take it back?

And to conclude here’s a cartoon from South Africa (not sure of the exact source) that at least includes not only the arab world uprisings, but also the Ivory Coast:


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