A second look at the second round

Clearing out the numbers

I have taken a look at the second round numbers on abidjan.net, and thought I’d try to clear out remaining question marks.

The Independent Electoral Commission (CEI) reported:

Ouattara (Ado):  2,483,164 votes (54.10%)

Gbagbo: 2,107,055 (45.90%)

Participation: 81.12%



What exactly did the Consitutional Council do?

Then the Constitutional Council (CC)  took the CEI numbers and invalidated seven departments in the Savanes, Vallee du Bandama and Worodougou regions. For all other regions the CC and CEI numbers are exactly the same.

CEI Savanes: Ado: 307,530  Gbagbo: 21,203
CC  Savanes: Ado: 17,347  Gbagbo: 1,414

CEI Val. Bandama: Ado: 244,471  Gbagbo: 41,789
CC  Val. Bandama: Ado: 34,714  Gbagbo: 11,062

CEI Worodougou: Ado: 93,990  Gbagbo: 5,263
CC  Worodougou: Ado: 49,438  Gabgbo: 3,261

In total the CC invalidated 52,518 Gbagbo votes and 544,492 Ado votes, thus obtaining the following result:

Ado:  1,938,672 votes (48.55%)

Gbagbo: 2,054,467 (51.45%)

Participation: 71.29%


The participation is lower in the CC numbers essentially due to the invalidated departments being included in the  registered voters number, but – maybe surprisingly – not in the invalid votes number.

Comparing to the first round

As a comparison, in the first round the results in the three regions in question was:

Savanes: Ado: 255,228  Gbagbo: 19,312 Others: 22,588 Invalid votes: 21,059

Val Bandama: Ado: 144,637  Gbagbo: 27,305 Others: 118,177 Invalid votes: 15,216

Worodougou: Ado: 76,110  Gbagbo: 6,060 Others: 5,182 Invalid votes: 4,641

Second round results map:

Source: Abidjan.net

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