You know the country Drogba is from

Latest news is that Drogba wants to mediate if Mbeki fails.  And watching today’s events with each side appoiting a government it isn’t really looking like Mbeki is having any success.

From an international media perspective  it’s kind of interesting that there are two presidents – it made the story show up at all.  Before that happened I remember BBC World reporting about elections in Haiti, Moldova and Egypt but nothing about the Ivory Coast elections taking place the same day.

Still, two presidents in the Ivory Coast didn’t get any coverage on Sky News – the story was beaten out by, among other things, one German tourist being eaten by a shark while on holidays at the Red Sea.

But now with Didier Drogba – holy cow.  The man is much more known than the country he is from. Media in the UK and other footballing nations are going to have to do some quick read-ups on the Ivory Coast!

On twitter, I saw one journalist (I presume) write:  “HEC-TIC!!! Will this story stop developing already so I can write my column?”   as a response to:  “RT: @azadessa: Didier Drogba say he will help mediate #CIV2010”

Ivorycoast: A city in central Didier Drogba

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