Following the elections online – second round edition

Here are the best links I’m aware of to follow the second round presidential elections in the Ivory Coast:
(They are  in French unless stated otherwise)


#Civ2010 The main twitter channel. This is usually the place where new information (and false rumors) come up first.

Ourmaninafrica Journalist John James [English]


RFI Afrique live Radio France Internationale

ONUCI FM live United Nation’s Radio channel in the Ivory Coast

RTI live Ivorian state radio (Great when RTI TV is lagging)


RTI Ivorian State television live

Africa24 Panafrican tv channel

Web: Second round results on Second round results and stats on Wonzomai means Sentinel or Watch in Bete. Real time mapping of events and incidents using the Kenyan Ushahidi platform

Gbagbo and Ouattara hugging after the tv-debate

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