The downside of camera phones

I’ve seen a lot of – not unwarranted-  talk of new information technology promoting democracy and freedom of speech.  The initiative in the post below is just one small example of it.  However, technology is often a double edged sword, and information technology has the downside of making it easier for rulers to control and monitor their people.

Today I saw a video with another example of the downside of information technology that I hadnt thought of before. It’s a representative of the PDCI party in the Zanzan region who claims that poor voters were given 5,000 CFA Francs ahead of voting, and then another 5,000 after voting if they could show a cellphone image of their ballot paper with a cross for Gbagbo.

I wonder if this is even considered as fraud by electoral observers by the way.  In principle it isn’t very different from the unfortunatley not uncommon practice of giving gifts to a village in return for their votes as described in the Gbagbo: votes and funny faces post.

The video in question can be found on Koaci TV.


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