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I’ve made change in the Ivory Coast links on the right hand side. Hudin is out, he isn’t writing about the Ivory Coast any longer – not a word about the elections, that’s unforgivable!  Instead the  always interesting journalist and author Venance Konan is in, as well as American writer Carol Spindel who has a blog  following the elections in a village in northern Ivory Coast.

And talking about villages in northern Ivory Coast, I got an anecdote  from a small village in the Mankono department in the Worodougou region where Ouattara got 87%.   It’s told to me second hand and is unrelated to Spindel’s blog.

Ouattara 157, Bedie 0, Gbagbo 1

The people of the village are all of the ethnic group dioula, the same as Ouattara. When the election results for the village become known there are 100 and something votes for Outtara, zero for Bedie and one for Gbagbo. The village chief gets very upset and says they have a traitor among them who dared to vote Gbagbo. The village chief says he will find out who voted for Gbagbo and calls for a village meeting with griots (historians/poets/wandering musicians) and everything.

As far as I know they (fortunately) haven’t  figured out who voted for Gbagbo. When the RDR headquarters in Abidjan hears about this, they – after having a bit of a laugh  – call the village chief and try to tell him that it’s democracy, that secret ballot has to be respected and to stop trying to find the one Gbagbo voter. But the village chief has already made up his mind and isnt going to let anyone else interfere with his investigations and his village…

Best graphic representation of the first round results I've seen. "Borrowed" from

3 thoughts on “One Village Votes

  1. Well, I’m definitely following what’s going on with the elections, but there are several issues at play:

    1) I’m back on the West Coast of the US, so everything I read has a minimum six hour delay on it, which makes any kind of timely commentary impossible, not to mention talking to people who are actually in the country.

    2) My French is quite basic so I have to slog through what I read very slowly and even then, I’m afraid I’ll misinterpret something which I feel is worse than not writing at all.

    3) I just don’t really have much to add to it what’s being said on the election. So far, it’s going as it had been planned and the results are pretty much in line with what they were thought to be. As a European living in the US, anything more than echoing what’s being said would be out of line on my part. I just wish there were more Ivorian bloggers writing, but they’re quite worried to do so.

    4) There is also the larger issue of my blog which I have been writing to be more targeted on technology and development. I’ve found that I am quite crappy at trying to write a blog that is that more focused and am trying to figure out the best approach to keep up with it as I write in several other non-technology related sites at the moment.

    All that is suffice to say that while I’m most definitely still here, you’re most definitely entitled to de-link my site from listing as my updates have gotten sporadic and unfocused to say the least. I’m just glad that someone is writing about the elections still and I hope the runoff is peaceful and orderly.


  2. Hey Miquel! There was really an implied smiley after “that’s unforgivable!”. I’ll get you right back up when/if you start writing about the Ivory Coast again!

    With links to other blogs I’m thinking it’s better to link to a few good, relevant and regularly updated ones, than just having a long list of sites that might have had something interesting sometime in the past.

    Great story about the Dana Appling phone calls by the way!

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