Multipartisme c’est pas tribalisme

A few thoughts on the results from the first few regions.   Seems that people havent really taken in the message of Alpha Blondy’s hit song Multipartisme, and voted very much along ethnic lines.

That is maybe not very surprising given a high rate of illiteracy and a far too small middle class.

It’s tough creating a functioning democracy where issues and not ethnicity is at the key to voting preferences  in  a multiethnic country without a sizeable middle class.  I think the votes from abroad is an indication of how it would look if the Ivory Coast had a large middle class.

Also, after a civil war with an ethnic component to it, ethnic voting is to be expected. Image the UN stepping in and stopping the war in Juguslavia in 1991, and then there being an election in a united Juguslavia.  I wouldnt expect many Bosnian muslims to vote for Milosevic, or Serbs voting for a Croat etc.

Great stuff

2 thoughts on “Multipartisme c’est pas tribalisme

  1. Craig Hitchcock

    Bulls eye!! If you look at the overseaas vote, and at the “spoiled” votes (with the exception of Mali), the educated expats had a very small percentage of spoiled votes, compared to the mainland voters.

    There is no ‘Upper Class’ here also!

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