Bi-monthly report

With the Yopougon building fully rented, I  have set up a little spreadsheet to keep track of the cashflow. Here’s how it looks starting in July when the first four Yopougon tenants had stayed a month and paid their first rents:

So, this month everybody paid on time without any problems, which is nice, although it makes the spreadsheet a bit dull if it keeps on. The best way to make it more exciting would be to add a unit that’s rented per month. I’m working on that, and on buying more plots of land in Abidjan, but it takes time.

The World Bank’s Investing Across Borders study summarises the issues pretty well in the Accessing land chapter:

Foreign companies seeking to access land in Côte d’Ivoire have the option to lease or buy both privately and publicly held land. There is no outright prohibition of foreign ownership of land. However, the process involved in leasing or buying public land is complicated and time-consuming.

Land-related information may be found in the registry or cadastre. Most of the laws relating to the land are old, and need to be updated. There is no land information system (LIS) or geographic information system (GIS) in place that centralizes relevant land information.


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