Found  mangoes from the Ivory Coast in my local grocery store today!  And great tasting ones too. Nice to see that some export business is working, even if it’s a commodity that’s being exported.   What would really make me jump though, would be if an IKEA product said “designed in Sweden, made in the Ivory Coast”,  instead of Latvia, Poland, China, Vietnam, India etc where most of IKEA’s products seem to be made today.

The price was for the mangoes was 99 eurocent each, and in the Ivory Coast I believe one can buy a mango for 100 CFA Francs (0.15 EUR), but the production costs are even lower.  Would be interesting to see a breakdown of where the 99 cents go between the retailer, the importer which is a French company with 60 employees and the producer(s).


4 thoughts on “Mangoes

  1. Craig Hitchcock

    I found the same mangoes from the same supplier in Lidls in Sidmouth the last time I was in the UK. Ditto Pineapples. What you have to consider is the high perishability, and the stupid EU regulations on size, resulting in excessive labour costs, during the sorting process.

    You might be interested to know that an estimated 85% of mangoes that grow on trees, never get harvested, and rot on the ground !!

  2. Craig Hitchcock

    Same applies to bananas as well, I am reliably informed.

    I sent you a nice Avatar for the elephants for the duration of the World Cup … why haven’t you inserted it ?

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