Posted by: Martin | May 31, 2010

Hopefully, Murphy’s law doesn’t apply in the Ivory Coast

Here’s one one more thing that can go wrong in Ivory Coast’s real estate market. Apparently the following fraud has occurred recently:

1) A fraudster pays a corrupt official at the Ministry of Construction, Habitat and Urbanism to obtain a backdated title for an empty plot of land belonging to someone else.
2) Then the fraudster starts construction on the plot of land.
3) The real owner shows up and protests, but the fraudster keeps ownership of the land due to having paid for the construction and – I assume – having  contacts at the Ministry of Construction

It seems one’s property rights are stronger when there is a building or construction on one’s land.



  1. Murphy, being Irish, shares a mirror image of the Ivoirian national flag … however, he doesn’t speak French fluently enough, so is unlikely to implement this “oh so” common “arnaque !!

    If there is such a law, and there is probably more than one, it would be “La Loi de Kouadio” !!

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