Blog houskeeping

I am aware that I am doing practically all newbie blog mistakes as outlined by Pat on the Smart Passive Income blog, but now I finally just started to do something about it.

1. Favicon – the little image that is next to the web address in most browsers.

I just changed from the default wordpress icon to a palm tree against a blue sky, which is a bit of a temporary fix. I need something that looks good even if it’s small. The thing here is that I’m from an engineering/mathematics background, and graphic design, while I respect the importance of it, is totally not my thing. I am thinking seriously about paying someone to shape up my blog. Recommendations are welcome!

2. My avatar

Until today I had been using some default picture. Now I changed to palm trees in front of the skyline of Abidjan. It should really be a picture of me, and well, the day will come when I no longer need to be anonymous.
Gravatar for

3. Categories

I now have enough posts to see natural categories materialising, so I have categorised all my post as per:

The Business Environment

This category covers macroeconomics, generalities of the real estate market in Ivory Coast and Africa, politics, and thoughts about business.

My Projects

Following the progress of my investment and business activities. I should within months be able to provide regular revenue  reports here.

Lifestyle Design

The term lifestyle design was (according to wikipedia) originally coined by Timothy Ferriss in the book The 4-Hour Workweek. It’s about designing one’s own ideal, often unconventional lifestyle, and that almost  inevitably includes asking big and almost philosophical questions about what one really wants to do with one’s life.

I really like thinking and writing about these things, but I got to admit that when writing about it I feel a bit out of my comfort zone (remember I have an engineering/mathematics background). On the other hand, my experience is that stepping out of one’s comfort zone can often yield pretty great results.

Ivory Coast and Africa

Everything about Ivory Coast and Africa that’s not linked to business. It’s simply a bloody interesting place, and different from the rest of the world – I went to West Africa as a teenager and got hooked by the people, the way social interactions are made, the politics, the atmosphere, the parties, the way of life…   Thought this would be my main theme if I started a blog, but that was before I heard about lifestyle design and got serious about my own business venture.


I try to be curious,  and instead of pretending I got things under control (which can be quite a dangerous attitude in a place such as the Ivory Coast)  I like to highlight unanswered questions so they can be  answered or discussed  by blog readers or me, or maybe never answered at all.  I’ll try to bi-monthly or so, bring up unanswered questions and then follow up on them.


Meta posts about blogging, such as this one.


Wildcat stuff that I just felt like putting in the blog; P J O’Rourke, Astronomy, small furry animals…


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