Ivory Coast online

Popular sites

I had a look at the Top Sites in the Ivory Coast according to Alexa. The top 10 are:

1. Yahoo.com

2. Google.ci

3. Facebook.com

4. Live.com  [This is the old address of Micorsoft’s search engine Bing]

5. Google.fr

6. Abidjan.net

7. Msn.com

8. Youtube.com

9. Google.com

10. Badoo.com

The top 10 is pretty similar to the global top 10 dominated by search engines, webmail providers and social networking sites. What stands out is Abidjan.net which on the global list – at the time I’m writing – is ranked  only 5,115.  I long assumed Abidjan.net would be the most popular site for news and information relating to the Ivory Coast, and I guess the assumption can now be considered confirmed.

Looking for other interesting and/or locally produced sites on the Top Sites for Ivory Coast I find:

14. Atoo.ci   – A portal for all things Ivory Coast just like Abidjan.net just not as popular

19. afrik11.com – A site about African football seemingly based in the Ivory Coast as 90% of its traffic comes from the Ivory Coast.

25. rfi.fr – Radio France International, being the most popular site providing general news after the portals

26. Ecolivoire.net- A pretty ambitious site about schools in the Ivory Coast

35. Ivoirmixdj – A site for DJ:s and music lovers

Quality sites

Leaving popularity aside, sites that I find useful beside Abidjan.net include:

AllAfrica News: Côte d’Ivoire

BBCAfrique.com | Informations | French News index

IRIN News Cote D’Ivoire – A UN news service

International Crisis group – Cote D’Ivoire – An NGO that provides very good reports and analysis on conflict areas around the world including the Ivory Coast.

Beyond news and analysis I would really like to read more personal accounts in blog or other form about business, politics or life in general in the Ivory Coast in French or English. So far I have only added the following three blogs to my aggregator:

Hudin – Blog I found pretty amusing covering personal reflections on life and stuff in the Ivory Coast and West Africa [In English]

west africa wins always – Great blog written by a journalist living in the Ivory Coast. [In English]

Le blog de Yoro –  Blog by an Ivorian covering recent events, usually by quoting a story from some professional news service and without adding any personal comments. It’s frequently updated though, and includes lots of links to other blogs. [In French]

Suggestions for high quality blogs covering the Ivory Coast or West Africa in French or English are welcome!


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