Posted by: Martin | March 18, 2010

Ivory Coast online

Popular sites

I had a look at the Top Sites in the Ivory Coast according to Alexa. The top 10 are:




4.  [This is the old address of Micorsoft’s search engine Bing]







The top 10 is pretty similar to the global top 10 dominated by search engines, webmail providers and social networking sites. What stands out is which on the global list – at the time I’m writing – is ranked  only 5,115.  I long assumed would be the most popular site for news and information relating to the Ivory Coast, and I guess the assumption can now be considered confirmed.

Looking for other interesting and/or locally produced sites on the Top Sites for Ivory Coast I find:

14.   – A portal for all things Ivory Coast just like just not as popular

19. – A site about African football seemingly based in the Ivory Coast as 90% of its traffic comes from the Ivory Coast.

25. – Radio France International, being the most popular site providing general news after the portals

26. A pretty ambitious site about schools in the Ivory Coast

35. Ivoirmixdj – A site for DJ:s and music lovers

Quality sites

Leaving popularity aside, sites that I find useful beside include:

AllAfrica News: Côte d’Ivoire | Informations | French News index

IRIN News Cote D’Ivoire – A UN news service

International Crisis group – Cote D’Ivoire – An NGO that provides very good reports and analysis on conflict areas around the world including the Ivory Coast.

Beyond news and analysis I would really like to read more personal accounts in blog or other form about business, politics or life in general in the Ivory Coast in French or English. So far I have only added the following three blogs to my aggregator:

Hudin – Blog I found pretty amusing covering personal reflections on life and stuff in the Ivory Coast and West Africa [In English]

west africa wins always – Great blog written by a journalist living in the Ivory Coast. [In English]

Le blog de Yoro –  Blog by an Ivorian covering recent events, usually by quoting a story from some professional news service and without adding any personal comments. It’s frequently updated though, and includes lots of links to other blogs. [In French]

Suggestions for high quality blogs covering the Ivory Coast or West Africa in French or English are welcome!



  1. You might like to keep an eye on this:

    It purports an e-boutique section, but it does notappear to be functioning yet.

    I’ve lost your e-mail address … can you send it to me again please.


  3. is good too. Think it was down when I wrote the original post.

  4. […] in parenthesis are changes compared to my last Ivory Coast online check in March 2010. No dramatic changes in other words, with keeping its position as […]

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