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In many countries online property ads are dominated by a single website. This is due to network effects. Advertisers want to be on the site that has most viewers, and buyers want to look at the site with most ads, creating a winner takes it all situation.

Interestingly enough, in Ivory Coast there seem to be a two horse race between the property ad section at the main online portal for Ivory Coast ,  and the dedicated property ad site is clearly the larger site in terms of number of ads, but it’s not a 99% to 1% relation,  it looks more like  80% – 20% .  The reason for AbidjanMaison still being a contender is I believe that the site has a superior design, interface and ease of use compared to’s property ad section.

However, there seems to be very few new ads on AbidjanMaison since January – it is possible that the site has some problems or is closing down.  I am going to email the contact person for AbidjanMaison to see what’s going on and report back on the blog if I get a reply.     I used AbidjanMaison a few years ago, but I cant remember my username.  So today I tried to register again, but I never got a confirmation email – so something is not working.

One striking thing with AbidjanMaison is the use of images of wooden houses in a green grass setting looking very un-African. Guess there is some aspirational thing they are playing. Does the whole world aspire to live in McMansions on green grass fields?

I have looked for a third property ad site, but only found international sites with a handful of Ivory Coast ads, and which has very little activity.

Regarding non-online property advertisment opportunities I have noticed that there are public noticeboards in connection to supermarkets and malls in Abidjan which appear to be widely used for all kinds of ads. Then there are also ad sections in the Ivorian newspapers.  I would be interested to hear ideas from readers regarding online and offline advertisments in Abidjan!

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5 thoughts on “Online property ads

  1. On a second thought the view numbers for the ads on AbidjanMaison look a bit high, and could very well be faked to make the site appear more popular than it is.

  2. CRAIG

    Did you write in English or French? If the former, you probably won’t get a reply, and the latter, you could wait weeks !! I sometimes get replies to my mails six months after I’ve sent them !!

  3. CRAIG

    I sent a contact message, and immediately got an auto-reply, but which dropped inot the SPAM box! Did you check your SPAM box?

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