To veer off course

Time for a blog post recommendation. Over at there’s an interview with Tim Ferriss touching some of the fundamentals of lifestyle design.

The things Grant (the guy to the left) says in the beginning are worth stressing: Basically that Tim made him change a paradigm from “put in time – exchange for money” and “don’t pursue dreams, because there is security to be found”  to pursue things that really matter to you, pursue dreams.

My parents are both employed at universities working with pretty theoretical stuff  so my paradigm has been: study hard – education is very important – get a degree – and exchange time for money in a large organisation where theoretical skills are valued. So I kind of did that, spent five year at a university, got a fancy degree and got a decent job at a big organisation.

I have always had a wish for the freedom of mastering my own time, not having a boss, and being sufficiently financially independent to travel the world with no fixed end time of when the money would run out. I have lots of projects I would like to do if I wasn’t bound by having to spend so much time at the day job. I just never really committed myself to achieving those goals, still influenced by my old paradigm.

Even before hearing of Tim Ferriss or lifestyle design I had been thinking of, and taking small steps towards veering off course, but it’s good to get a kick in the back which is what the Renmen guys and Tim Ferriss are providing. Kind of wish I had guys like these around me at university, but well, I’m still young and it’s not too late at all!


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